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How? Because not only does 90+% of our client base use MYOB, we use MYOB as well! We have performed countless MYOB terminal server installs which have completely revolutionised howe MYOB performs and behaves.

Not only can we ensure your IT systems are tailored to suit MYOB, we can assist with the basics like MYOB upgrades, tax table updates, company file optimisation, etc.


MYOB Terminal Server Installs

MYOB when used over a network doesn't perform as well as when the company file is located on the same system that you are running the MYOB program from. And each additional user which accesses the same company file, causes the performance to degrade further.

A terminal server is a server which allows you to log in from any location, and run MYOB off it, as if you were sitting right on that very server. Having MYOB running on a terminal server is the best way to run MYOB.

Some of the advantages to running MYOB off a terminal server are:

  • MYOB application and company file live on the same server, data does not transit over a network slowing MYOB down or causing it to crash
  • MYOB is only installed once, no matter how many people use it. So later updates are easy as they only get performed once, on the server
  • We can configure remote access to your MYOB terminal server so that your staff, accountant or book keeper can access MYOB from any location.
  • A terminal server utilises thin client technology, which means it will perform the same regardless of your location.

If your current IT support company is not an expert at MYOB, you don't know what you may be missing out on. Contact DJC for a free, no obligation chat today.